About the project

For the exhibition in M’atuvu I would like to make a personal and visual mind-map of the rue de Laeken. The idea is to live and work the whole month of february in the gallery space. Every day I will collect images and information from the street to use in new works. I will also post a text in every mailbox of the rue de Laken where I will invite the inhabitants of the street to come to the gallery and tell me about there life in this street. In this letter I will also invite them to bring me any kind of information that is relevant for there personal lifes (pictures, stories,…). By the end of the month I’m planning a ‘finissage’ where the works I created during this month will be exhibited. It will be a combination of texts, paintings, drawings, pictures and most probably a mural (painting). I this way I hope to create an image that reflects on the life in this street. On the other hand my wish is to bring the people who live in this street closer together through a mutual project. So, at this point it’s quite difficult to tell what it will look like, but I’m quite sure there will be lots to discover.

The whole project can be followed on this blog.


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